Cane loss with Chris Norris (Alteo and Terra)

Training aim:

The aim of the training sessions organized in October was centered around the reduction in cane loss- es. Participants were supported in developing strategies related to mechanized harvesting. In the ses- sions, participants also covered the optimisation of effectiveness in relation to sugarcane seeds cutting and planting through exploring implementable best practices.

Where: Alteo and Terra Mauricia in Mauritius
When: 14th to the 19th October 2019

What was covered included:

The primary drivers of cane loss and field effects which impact on actual cane loss and strategies for cane loss measurement in the
field. Other topics included Mass Balance trial protocols and in-field Sugar Loss Measurement protocols. Field trials were also conducted
in suitable fields. The last day the participants looked at the finalisation data from cane loss trials.



“The session allowed me to change my views on harvesting practices as well as some other topics such as cane planting. I also enjoyed looking into the scientific methods used to assess cane loss and yield monitoring.”



“I gained a lot from understanding the billet quality and what is recommended for a good plantation to be successful.”

“We sometimes neglect parameters when harvesting. The course highlighted some effective parameters which we can use to increase our sugar production.”