Demystifying the intricacies of the sugar industry in Mauritius

This course provides an overview of the intricacies and overlooked aspects of the sugar cane industry. Whilst traditional courses focus on technical skills (agronomy or manufacture to name a few), few programmes look at the industry as a whole and at its entire ecosystem. Locally the sugarcane industry is in fact rather unique. It possesses a distinctive culture and quite specific stakeholders. The emphasis of this course is to develop a very thorough knowledge of the specificities of the sugar cane industry skills. The course is aimed at persons occupying or preparing to occupy positions of responsibility in sugar producing companies and who may not come from a sugar manufacturing background or who may be new to the field.

Target Audience: Newcomers to the industry and/or existing employees who have limited knowledge of the industry. Aspiring leaders within the sugarcane industry.

Trainers: Professionals of the cane sugar industry

Contact hours: 15

Dates: 15 April, 7 May , 14 June, 17 July, 28 August 2024 

Course Fee: MUR 25000 (discount of 50% for members of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture)

Course content

• History of the sugar cane industry
• Stakeholders within the industry
• Challenges facing the industry
• How to prepare effective for the challenges facing the industry
• Intricacies of co-generation, bagasse proceeds, molasses etc
• Brief overview of milling operations


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