Emotions at work

Emotions are at play in all our interactions. We are rarely aware of the link between our emotions and our performance at work. The latter is a direct consequence of our emotional energy. However, what occurs frequently at work is clashes of personality which develop through emotional confrontation, loss of face to face interaction in favour of an email or message, and downright hostility. We see ourselves in the grip of an emotionally toxic climate at work. This adversely impacts individuals, the organisation and teams. This 6-hour course intends to offer practical insights and steps to individuals at any level in an organisation to tackle such situations based on the latest research in Neuroscience and emotions.

Target Audience: Executives, Managers, Team leaders, HR Executives and any individual having an interest in the subject

Trainer: David White

Dates: 18 February 2021

Course Content

• Building the emotional ladder and understanding the biology of emotions
• Navigating emotions at work, navigating an emotionally toxic work environment/culture
• Emotional regulation through the “reappraisal technique”

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