Sugar Cane Agronomy

This course aims at developing the professional skills of persons occupying or preparing to occupy positions of responsibility in sugar cane growing companies

Target audience: Agronomists, field management staff, training officers, advisers, extension officers and all those occupying responsible positions in the area of sugar cane growing or in organisations associated with the sugar industry.

Dates: 03 October to 25 November 2022

Contenu de la formation

  • Botany, physiology and agro meteorology
  • Breeding and varieties
  • Biometry and field experimentation
  • Diseases: symptomatology, transmission and control
  • Insect pests: transmission, control and management
  • Weed agronomy
  • Soils and fertilizers
  • Soil physics, irrigation and drainage
  • Cultural operations
  • Agricultural mechanization and transport

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