Workplace mental health awareness

Mental health is still very stigmatised. The lack of awareness around it can lead sufferers and those around them at a loss and exacerbate ill health. Mental ill-health has significant repercussions on the organisation as well as a cost. This introductory course, suitable for all employees, aims to introduce and develop awareness about mental health. The key issues in mental health, the common triggers of poor mental health, how to develop your own good mental health in the workplace as well as that of your colleagues are some of the themes discussed. As such the course aims to empower participants to take good care of themselves, to identify signs of mental ill health in themselves or others and to be able to talk openly about mental health within the organisation. Participants to this workshop will be given information on the next steps to qualify as a mental health first aider with MHFA UK.

Target Audience: Managers, supervisors and team members

Trainers: Isabelle Domijan-Bowler 

Contact hours: 6

Dates: 29 June 2023

Course content

What constitutes mental health.
• Types of mental health issues
• How to take care of self and our own mental health.
• The importance of boundaries and responsibilities (do’s and don’ts)
• Recognising signs of problems in others
• Interacting effectively with people who are having mental health problems
• The importance of and how to encourage others to seek professional help – sources of help
• What next? What could be improved in our workplace in terms of mental health and how to go about it

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