Sustainable agriculture, plant propagation and pest management practices

This course explores the principles and techniques of sustainable agriculture, learning about plant propagation and nursery management, and gaining an understanding of pests, diseases, and their management. The emphasis of this course is on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, exploring both traditional and innovative techniques that support the health of our ecosystems while ensuring the productivity of our gardens. This course lays a solid foundation with an understanding of sustainable agriculture and basic plant biology. From there, it progresses into more specialized areas, such as propagation and grafting, and running a plant nursery. Plant pests and diseases, and how to manage them using both conventional and organic methods are also covered.

Target Audience: Gardeners, nursery operators, agricultural workers

Trainers: Arvin Beekharry

Contact hours: 12

Dates: 28 and 29 November 2023

Course content

  • Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
  • Horticulture and Plant Biology
  • Plant Propagation and Grafting
  • Nursery Management and Plant Care
  • Environmental Considerations in Agriculture
  • Plant Pests and Diseases

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