Self-leadership: Taking action to increase ownership, accountability and responsibility

Self-leadership has many dimensions which if we work on and improve can help us to better lead ourselves and hence our lives (professional or personal). Within those dimensions, self-awareness and emotional intelligence are the ones which influence our sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility the most. The three also often form the basis of how employees’ performances are evaluated and monitored. Collectively they are very much linked to business success. Their absence within the business culture can have significant effects on business performance. For example, low personal accountability can lead to low morale and low productivity. The same applies to deadlines and how we manage and meet them. Relationships to deadlines rely on the other two and deadlines are central to the smooth running of the organisation.

Target Audience: Team members, supervisors and managers

Trainer: Isabelle Domijan-Bowler

Contact hours: 6

Course content

Explore the concepts of ownership, accountability and responsibility in relation to self-leadership and its dimensions (self-awareness, emotional intelligence etc.)
• Explain the importance of being personally accountable
• Describe what gets in the way of our own accountability
• Explore and apply ways to improve our accountability
Examine the concept and mindset of ownership
• Assess our own current levels of ownership
• Devise implementable solutions to improve our sense of ownership
• Explain why deadlines matter
• Examine why we meet or fail to meet deadlines
• Put strategies in place to improve our ability to manage and meet deadlines

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