Successfully improving operational efficiency at all organisations’ levels

Executive or management coaching is extremely popular nowadays and many business leaders have benefitted from coaching at some point in their careers. Extending work-based coaching to all organisational levels can help build an organisational culture centered around efficiency and performance. Through this workshop and using coaching techniques such as GROW, workers are encouraged to self-reflect and develop autonomy and accountability for their own performance within the workplace. This workshop aims to enable all workers to reach their true potential within the organisation.

Target Audience: Team members, operational staff, supervisors and managers

Trainers: Isabelle Domijan-Bowler

Date: 17 June 2021 from 8h30 to 12h45 (live online on Zoom)

Course content

• Personal SWOT within our professional context (30 mins)
• The Growth and the Fixed mindset and how it applied to our job role (30 mins)
• Building on our strengths (30 mins)
• Applying the GROW method during the coaching
(5 x 30 mins sessions)

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